French Tech Bucharest: an independent organization fostering connections between France and Romania

Board of Directors

French Tech Bucharest is led by a board of directors, with Gregoire Vigroux as its chairman. The primary duties of the board encompass

  • setting the organization’s strategic roadmap and objectives,
  • overseeing community communications,
  • coordinating events,
  • managing partnerships

An Autonomous Community

While French Tech Bucharest originated from an initiative by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, it functions as a fully autonomous and independent organization. Run by volunteer entrepreneurs in Romania, the community is funded through sponsorships from major French companies established in the country and by organizing events that add value to its member companies.

All initiatives undertaken by French Tech Bucharest stem from the dedication of its leadership team. The organization can also access public funding for significant projects through a community fund established by Business France. This fund, available to all French Tech communities worldwide, can be accessed through an application process evaluated by a team assessing the relevance and impact of each proposed project.

French Tech Bucharest independently and actively collaborates with other French Tech communities throughout Europe, aiming to develop a wealth of synergies benefiting each local community’s network.

French institutions supporting French Tech Bucharest in its missions and present in Romania include:

  1. The French Embassy
  2. Business France
  3. CCI France Romania
French Tech Bucharest actively collaborates with other French Tech communities across Europe, fostering strong connections and sharing best practices